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Books on Evolution of Human Consciousness

  WHY do we live in fear of the future?           


                                                             WHY do we fear death?

True Freedom Cover.gif

True Freedom



By: Tatiana



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The human personality is only a role I agreed to play in the movie: “Earth School". I am on a fabulous journey to discover my true self, my Soul. This journey will give me a broadened understanding of this wonderful world and my purpose, here on Earth.

My purpose is to awaken to WHO I AM, evolve in consciousness and disseminate this Truth-Consciousness. As I express my individual purpose,

I slowly dissolve my ego (my false self).


TRUE FREEDOM IS INSIDE each and every one of us human beings. We will all eventually awaken to this Truth. I personally had to suffer incarceration, the complete loss of all by belongings, all my attachments and all my identifications in order to be able to find my True Self, my Soul.


​It is only after having lost everything that I thought of looking "inside" of myself. My Soul wanted me to listen to her, but all of my life I could not hear her because I identified myself with my ego. My Soul wants to accomplish her individualized purpose but she will not force herself on me, she patiently waits until I am ready to transfer the authority from my ego to her.


I was physically in prison but it was "inside" that my Soul became more present and audible. I could no longer ignore her. I started listening to my Soul and surrendered myself to her.


                    Slowly... very, very slowly.


                                                        The transformation was to begin.


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Personocratia 1.jpg

by Ghislaine Lanctôt

This bestseller continues to draw public attention. It explains how the medical mafia really works, how to come out of it successfully, and how to regain control over our own health. It exposes the true cause of illness - unconsciousness – and offers the only possible solution to unlimited health: individual sovereignty. The presentation and contents of this 2002 edition have been improved.

-262 pages, many illustrations

Personocratia 27.jpg

by Ghislaine Saint-Pierre Lanctôt

I am presently experiencing duality, war, poverty, famine, fear, illness, suffering, aging, and death. Life has no meaning. It is hell-on-earth! Why do I put up with all this? Because I know deep down that this nonsense is unreal and artificial. I want to know heaven-on-earth. But how? This book offers very concrete answers to this question. It tells me how to find my true nature, how to think, talk, and act as an “idessic” being, and how to find eternal youth, perfect health, and physical immortality. That is what I am doing here! What about you?

- 266 pages, many illustrations

Booklets on Evolution of Consciousness

I wrote these booklets from my perspective and point of view at the time, based on the teachings of Ghis, Mado, Personocratia's booklets and the writings and teachings of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.

True Freedom Cover.gif
Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 4.29.01 PM.png

Until now, our spiritual quest has been directed to an external god, the god of illusion. We have been maintained in a state of submission and fear – the principal prerequisites of slavery. The elite have a masterful plan, but it is very fragile. The spiritual power and the temporal power are both aware that they have NO POWER over a unified individual, because this unified individual is governed by his soul.

The Apocalypse is here – and this is exactly what humanity needs.

True Freedom
    Is Inside
       Of Me
By: Tatiana

According to Sri Aurobindo, the human goal is one of going beyond spiritual evolution, to the TRANSFORMATION of the 3 bodies.

In the past, the goal and aim of spiritual quest has been to achieve liberation from daily suffering of ordinary earthly life. The suffering was caused by an illusion, the belief that I am a separate self, myself, the ego self (comprised of my many personalities). The only solution to liberation was to escape from the perpetual cycle of birth and death.


Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 4.30.05 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 4.26.03 PM.png

The soul contains all the possibilities of the Divine within it, and this is why every individual soul is said to be perfect. However, the possibilities must be developed, and this is the work that each individualized psychic being - soul does in every lifetime. The path to realization is very long and difficult and spans over hundreds, even thousands of lifetimes. The psychic being carries its progress over from one life to another, until the day comes when it is ready to give itself completely to the Divine.


That will be the moment of my individual TRANSFORMATION.

Deep, deep behind each heart,

Lies the magic Spark.

It is called the Individual Soul.

Wow! Life Does Have Meaning.

The over all suffering on planet Earth is exponentially increasing, and this is becoming obvious to most everyone.

With all of this negativity that surrounds me, is it possible to be at PEACE, and in PERFECT HEALTH?

The answer to this BIG question is a resounding: YES!

I must however understand what is really going on, beyond the superficial appearances.

Truth-Consciousness with the energy of Truth-Vibrations is spreading very quickly on planet Earth and exposes THE LIE of the world of illusion, in which we have been bathing for eons.


Personocratia’s Booklets: Words and Ideas from Ghis (Ghislaine Lanctôt). Written by Mado.

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Personocratia 2.jpg

In reality, it is an evolutionary crisis!

Instead of fighting this process, reverting to outdated practices, holding on to useless assets or waiting for a promised savior, why not make a 180 degree turn in the other direction? Let's stop repeating our obsolete ways, which can only bring more suffering. It is time to dream about the next step, the new idessic species and modify our actions to facilitate its imminent birth. Our destiny is in our own hands. If we choose to we can create

Paradise - on - Earth!

Personocratia 3.jpg

In reality, it is an identity crisis!

Personocratia 4.jpg

By diverting our spiritual quest toward an external god, ROCSSSS: Religions, Orders, Cults, Secret Societies, Sciences and Spiritualties maintain us in a state of powerlessness, submission and fear - the prerequisites of slavery. Their ploy is masterful but fragile. Both the spiritual power and its accomplice, the temporal powers are aware that they cannot submit a unified individual whose body is governed by its Soul. Such an individual has become sovereign, omnipotent and immortal. With his manifestation a new type of consciousness, idessity, is born.

Personocratia 5.jpg

We, unconscious human slaves, have been miserably surviving for millennia in a world of illusion in which the coming dictatorship represents the epitome of false power. Such cunning control has always existed, well hidden within secret societies. Nowadays, the invasion of truth vibrations lights up the rotten foundations of their pyramid of power. It shines on even the most unconscious human being as they choke in their world of deceit, fear and death. Unexpectedly, at the very moment when democracy fades away, personocracy emerges.

Personocratia 6.jpg

Sooner or later, I discover that I was born a slave, I live a slave, I gave birth to slaves and i will die a slave - unless i take the decision to get out of slavery for good. The chains hold me back. The first one is attached to the state through citizenship; the second is connected to the Creator through spirituality; the third is linked to my lineage through animality. I unfasten them, one link at a time, one habit at a time, until I realize, to my astonishment, that laws do not exist. As all systems collapse, one after the other, I become aware that a life without laws and without death is not only possible, but that is the only viable solution.

Personocratia 7.jpg

The population creates wealth and bankers collect it.

Sooner or later, human beings will discover that money is the mirror of their state of consciousness. In reality, we are rich but we are not aware of it. Will we have to face complete slavery and depend totally on world bankers, before we decide either to sink into oblivion or jump into the next species? The elite impose the first option as they embezzle public goods and systematically impoverish populations. To choose the second option, humanity must drop the two basic lies on which rests it's survival - property and security. Only then will conscious individuals manifest the abundance inherent in their unlimited creative nature.

Personocratia 8.jpg

Sooner or later, human beings will discover that physical immortality is not only possible but that it has been programmed into mater since the beginning of time and is simply waiting to be expressed. All levels of the conspiracy - money, medicine, politics, agriculture, environment law, the media - are pushing humanity towards an inexorable extinction. It is the end of Homo sapiens. What a gift! The sooner I become aware of this fact, the sooner I will manifest an immortal physical body - nature's next kingdom.

Personocratia 9.jpg

Since 1945 UNESCO has assumed international control over education, science and culture. It has standardized pedagogical approaches across the globe and put a strong emphasis on ICT's (Information and Communication Technologies), environmental responsibility and social conformity. Through its promotion of human collective intelligence, it imposes a single planetary ideal - the hive mentality. Music, cinema, fashion, art, literature, radio and television all deliver a similar message. Why such a relentless determination? The elite know that human beings are on the verge of a colossal evolutionary leap and try to prevent it. The outcome lies in our own hands!

" What am I doing here anyway?"

The apocalypse has started - and this is exactly what we need!

Personocratia 10.jpg

"I am here to find happiness, for my family and myself." Oh!, really? Since birth, you have identified yourself to a masculine or feminine gender with a specific program. As a woman, the roles of seductress, spouse and mother imprison you until you die. As a man, the roles of genitor, purveyor and protector keep you locked in pain and grief. Man or woman, you sacrifice yourself day and night to fulfill your duty to your family without ever questioning it. You are totally identified with the characters of a theatrical drama based on the survival of an animal species called Homo sapiens. In reality you do not incarnate to perpetrate humanity but to form a true couple through the union of your Soul and body.

Personocratia 12.jpg

Indeed, the social and planetary upheavals we are currently facing herald the end of the world of illusion. From its ashes will emerge Paradise - on - Earth. The question is; whether or not we wish to take part in the establishment of a new world, a new kingdom, a new being. Today, each human being living on Earth is faced with choosing one of three conditions. The first leads him towards effortlessness (microchip, basic income, entertainment, alcohol, drugs, sex and so on). The second brings despair and encourages him to commit suicide, either quickly (intentional) or slowly (illness). As for the third, it calls upon his courage and propels his transformation into an idessic being - the ultimate goal of all terrestrial evolution.

Two more Booklets written by Tatiana

Free Will.png

Free Will was created because a distortion occurred in The ONE, Source, InfiniteLove. The One wanted to experiment through individual experiences.

Humanity is now arriving at the end of a 25,0000 year cycle, which is called by many: THE HARVEST, The Harvest of Souls.

We ALL must make a choice at the end of the old cycle.

This separation is happening, and those who understand the Universal Laws and specifically the main Law of Free Will, will be passing into another phase of search for TRUTH.

The Illusion of Self, Booklet.png

The illusion cannot be understood by mind.

I cannot teach about the illusion, or provide information about it, but my wish is to inspire you towards:



Humans live immersed in the repetitive program of daily life, and give very little thought to: WHO WE ARE, WHY ARE WE HERE, and WHAT WE ARE MEANT TO BECOME?

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