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My 20 years of Truth-Consciousness Evolution

My name is Tati Ana.


For many years I was a very successful dentist with a thriving private practice, living the perfect life in complete ignorance.


In February 2002, I learned that income taxes are SLAVE TAXES because the currency is created by international bankers, out of thin air.


This created "money" is loaned to governments and the citizens repay this fictitious loan, which can NEVER be repaid.


This money is used for wars, assassinations, manipulation and most importantly, total control of humanity.


I finally understood that I was contributing and, therefore, I am responsible for all this evil.


I was unable to live with myself once I had this knowledge and,therefore, I informed the Canadian government that I will no longer participate.


In 2011, I was arrested. I accepted a jail sentence of 2 years and 4 months and a fine of 1 million dollars.


infiniteLove Yoga 17.jpg

At the time I accepted the million dollar fine, I did not know that the government was going to confiscate all my wealth and leave me penniless, completely unable to pay a million dollar fine in my lifetime.


The perfection of this story is that for 9 years prior to my arrest, I was learning "the ugly truth" in every aspect of the illusion we live in.

I heard about Dr. Guislaine Lanctôt and her book "The Medical Mafia". I read that book as well as her other book

 “What the hell am I doing here anyway?” Also, I bought and read all the Personocratia booklets that were available at the time.


Thanks to this information and the tools that were provided to me during the workshop, I was able to live the prison experience in consciousness. I was still suffering but I was suffering consciously, in other words, I had a pretty good idea of why I was living this extreme experience and understood my life purpose.


Now, I know that my purpose is to share this information and the tools that Personocratia gave me with individuals, who are ready to receive it.


I recognize that the current great world confusion is an evolutionary gift to humanity. The decision will come down to EVOLVE quickly or suffer tremendously and DIE.


There is only one solution!


The SOLUTION involves challenging work, and must be done on an INDIVIDUAL level.


We are also running out of time, because if the COVID vaccine, which is the mark of the beast is accepted, there will be no going back from there.


A very small percentage of people are prepared for this accelerated evolution.

With COVID, it is obvious to me that many more people are now suffering because they lost HOPE, they cannot imagine a normal future anymore and, therefore, they will wake up and act in conscience.


Only your soul knows what to do.

I offer the tools and the method to get in touch with your soul. Once you have contact with your soul, your true identity, you WILL KNOW what to do and begin to act in accordance with your true purpose.


Will you join us on this AMAZING ADVENTURE ...?


If my words resonate with you, please contact me.

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