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I strongly resisted the inner urge to write this book, because I am not a writer and I never held ideas related to writing anything at all, especially not a book. On December 6th, 2011, at the age of 49, I went to prison because of my peaceful non-compliance.  Once I realized that I was living a new reality for an indefinite amount of time, I forced myself to start writing, because for the first time in my life, I had nothing to do. Up until that moment, I was juggling very effectively many of my roles: dentist, mother, wife, daughter, friend, dental business owner, community leader… and many other smaller roles. There was no time to stop and just BE. With every free minute I had, I would create other things to do. Now, the fear of doing nothing was bigger than the fear of writing something.


We are all drawn in one way or another to the emerging Force. Humanity is on this amazing TRANSFORMATIVE journey, longing to become ONE with this Force. This will be achieved by dissolving our ego; however, the collective ego persists and strongly interferes with this Universal Force.


In this incredibly volatile time frame, where the old world is dying in order to make space for the emerging new world, humanity is in a serious state of suffering. It is a time of great confusion, because we are in between two worlds. The old illusion is dying, and this will allow the Truth to emerge, but this is not an easy TRANSITION.

The process is one of TRANSFORMATION; it is not simply an improvement of the old. We, as a species are now consciously living this transformation and we are mutating towards a completely new being. This human experience is winding down and a transformed being is emerging.


There is no such thing as an expert on this human experience or, more precisely, this human experiment. This is a time of deep change. Through my personal experience, I found that consciously allowing this deep change to unfold makes the journey much more comfortable and pleasant. Fighting this huge wave of change is like going against the current of a very strong river. I chose to get onto a raft and flow with the current instead of fighting it.


I am not suggesting for a second, that this work many of us must DO, sooner or later, is easy. The passage is chaotic, difficult, challenging and very, very painful. I must face forces that I don’t even know exist. These forces are fighting within me and all around me.


I am however, suggesting that choosing and SURRENDERING to the TRANSFORMATION is the only good choice. I tried for many years to fight and I rebelled while fighting the honorable fight. I was a very strong and determined black sheep. Finally, my Soul created a “massive tragedy”. Without this massive tragedy, I refused to listen to her. I continued to listen and trust my ego.


It is only my Soul that knows what is just, true and real. The time has come to make the transfer of power from my ego to my sovereign Soul. I now recognize my unlimited power, my immortality and, finally, InfiniteLove.


This is the great journey we chose to experience. We all signed up for this. With this incredible challenge comes the possibility of incomprehensible freedom.


We have much to do together…


                          Let’s roll up our sleeves and create


                                                              Paradise - on - Earth














December, 2011 


At that time, I am not conscious that I have been preparing for these events to come for the last 10 years of my life. The main source of information that I had was my memory of books written by Ghis:


The Medical Mafia

The Trial Of The Medical Mafia

What The Hell Am I Doing Here Anyway? Self – Fulfillment!

Madame Ghis, Escape in Prison


and Personocratia's booklets: Written by Ghis and Mado


Further I read most of the books written by David Icke:




Armed with this vast amount of information stored somewhere in my mind, I started living this challenging experience.  I was determined to prevail; yet, completely unaware of the depth of my egocentricity at that time.













Ghis explained that most of the time we do not understand why our Soul creates the challenging life experiences we live through. Sometimes it takes years to understand the “why?” of the experiences and often we never understand. She told me that when her 4 kids were between the ages of 3 and 10, she lost custody of them to her ex-husband. She told me that there was absolutely no logical reason or explanation for this to happen. She fought to get them back and eventually succeeded. Years later she knew she had to write “The Medical Mafia”. Ghis talked to all four of her adult children to get their blessing to go forward with this book. She knew this book would create great challenges for her children even though they were all adults and on their own. She told them that they chose a very dangerous mother and that she will publish this book even if she does not get their blessing. All 4 of her children gave her their blessing. This is when she understood why she had to lose the kids all those years before. She needed to find the courage to go on this challenging path of hers, and losing custody of her kids was the beginning of her emotional detachment training. Her path since then has been a long stretched out one, of over 17 years. My extreme path has been only 1 year long so far.


I am on a very high-speed train of personal evolution. Considering my personality, one who wants everything done yesterday, my transformation has to be quick and extreme.


Looking back, I now understand that all the events of the past unfolded perfectly. I had to live these extreme challenges to find the courage to let go of the system and trust my Soul completely. I can only imagine what everyone is saying, thinking, judging. I try not to care. My mother is detaching herself by confirming to herself that she is not responsible. I’m happy she is dealing with things in this correct, way and I know that only time and future events will bring about a different opinion for most everyone.


What others think or believe does not concern me.



Ghis wrote in "The Medical Mafia":


P. 248


“Human beings are improved chimpanzees. Our biology is totally animal. The only way in which we differ is by free will. Humans have choice, animals do not. Humans have of course evolved on a mental level. We have good achievements to our credit, artistically and scientifically. But all this is still animal improvement. Humans try by all means, in every domain, to push back our limits...but we still live within those limits and end up being dead of suffocation in our fish bowl. Because we are still missing the essential, the consciousness of our being, of our immortal creative spirit.


Everything that exists is swimming in duality, reality-illusion, spirit-matter, being-having, and soul-body. Reality is the unlimited creative spirit. Illusion is matter (the mirror image) in all likeness and resemblance of spirit. Reality and illusion are identical. The state of health of the body (the visible) is the mirror of the state of health of the soul (invisible consciousness). What do we see in the illusion (body) with our eyes? We see separation, war, and sickness. What do we conclude about reality (state of being) of humans? Unconsciousness...


Human beings are unconscious of their real divine nature.

         We have forgotten who we really are.

         We believe we are separate from creative spirit.

We are divided. We are sick. We suffer.


P. 250


INSIDE OF MYSELF is the consciousness of who I am, the unique creator of the whole universe. It is out of love for myself that I am living this earthly experience, the incarnation that allows me to see myself in a mirror. It is out of love for myself that I experiment with suffering, war, sickness and death. It is out of love of myself that I have created the Medical Mafia (the political and the legal mafias) that force me to wake up to who I really am, the one and only creator of my sickness and my healing. I remember.” (The mafias are a blessing!)



















Terrestrial Evolution.


Humanity is at the end of a cycle. Sri Aurobindo said that man is a transitional being. We are NOW in the transitional period, when the human species transforms into another species, another being.


As long as I remain unaware of WHO I AM and the role I am destined to play here on planet Earth, I will reincarnate and be forced to suffer the recurring Earth cataclysms.


Finally, after many lifetimes, I understand that planet Earth is a very special place, where the new divine kingdom will manifest. Evolution went from mineral, to plant, to animal, to human and NOW it is ready for the Divine. Homo Sapiens, serves as a terrestrial species between the animal kingdom and the future divine kingdom. An awakened, critical mass of human beings must accomplish the transformation of their 3 bodies (the mental body, the vital/energy body and the physical body). When this critical mass is reached, the new divine kingdom will manifest. The new divine body will be made up of a completely new matter. We can't imagine this new matter because it is found beyond the mind. This transformation cannot be accomplished through means such as occultism, magic, technologies such as genetics, robotics, artificial intelligence or nanotechnology. This is an individual, internal transformation and it must be guided by the individual soul. 


The human being is the most complex living organism in the Universe. We only learn the names and functions of the human organs and tissues, but the subtle bodies (the mental body and the vital body) are ignored. We can't prove scientifically the existence of all the invisible parts in a human being. Sri Aurobindo, talked and wrote about: the inconscient, subconscient, subtle physical, vital (lower, middle, higher), common mind (expressif, logical), higher mind, illumined mind, intuitive mind, overmind, supramental (beyond mind) and satchchidananda (Being – Consciousness – Bliss).


Most human beings function consciously at the physical, vital, common mind and higher mind levels. In a human being, all these levels are controlled by ego and its numerous egotistic personalities.


If I wish to know myself, my True Self, I must be able to identify, WHO is in control of the body vehicle. When I am consciously aware of my egotistic personalities, I can start the dissolution of these egotistic personalities. I must dissolve these personalities because they slow down my evolution of consciousness and obstruct the transformation of my 3 bodies.


We are living the critical moment in the history of our Universe. For billions of years matter has been slowly awakening from its inertia through a multitude of experiences and a lot of suffering. Now, is the time when matter will transform and the human body is the bridge between the old matter and the new Matter.


      Evolution of Human Consciousness


The Potential of Human Transformation

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