Who Am I, Who Are We?

 What Are We Doing Here On Earth,

Specifically, Right NOW?

I  travelled to many places, but

 I have never been, TO ME.

The ONLY PURPOSE OF HUMANITY, has always been, to evolve in CONSCIOUSNESS.

The first step  of consciousness is becoming aware of WHO WE ARE.


The economical, financial, political and environmental conditions on planet Earth with COVID-19, are forcing this evolution of TRUTH-CONSCIOUSNESS to SPEED UP EXPONENTIALLY.

Further, the Mini Ice Age 2015-2035...is creating huge changes on planet Earth and NOW, 

the Coronavirus will manifest extreme challenges in the world economy and food availability.


The SOLUTION involves challenging work , which must be done at the INDIVIDUAL level.

First I must become aware of my true identity.

However, an awareness of my true identity without individual, constant, conscious action, is not enough.


Everyone, will not make it to the FINISH LINE.

I, must make the DECISION, and then take ACTION.

Further, I must not quit, no matter what happens to me.

A critical mass of INDIVIDUALS must complete the TRANSITIONAL journey,

 so that the TRANSFORMATION into the next being... The DIVINE being, can occur.

Will you join us on this AMAZING JOURNEY ...

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About Me / Sobre Mi / À Propos de Moi

I have a deep desire to to share what I have learned throughout the last 18 years of trials and tribulations. During the last 5 and 1/2 years I lived in Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Colombia. I invite you to join us in Popayán, Colombia to learn, start your high speed evolution of Truth-Consciousness journey and make your preparations as the Grand Solar Minimum intensifies and the Coronavirus seriously affects everything in the world economy. 


Join us on this GREAT ADVENTURE...

Tengo un profundo deseo de compartir lo que he aprendido a lo largo de los últimos 18 años de pruebas y tribulaciones. Durante los últimos 5 años y medio viví en Costa Rica, Ecuador y Colombia. Les invito a unirse a nosotros en Popayán, Colombia, para aprender, comenzar su evolución de alta velocidad en el viaje de la Conciencia-Verdadera y hacer sus preparativos mientras se intensifica el Gran Mínimo Solar y el coronavirus, afecta severamente todo en la economía mundial.

Únete a nosotros en esta GRAN AVENTURA...

J'ai un profond désir de partager ce que j'ai appris au cours des 18 dernières années d'épreuves et de tribulations. Au cours des 5 et 1/2 dernières années, j'ai vécu au Costa Rica, en Équateur et en Colombie. Je vous invite à nous rejoindre à Popayán, en Colombie, pour apprendre, commencer votre évolution de la Conscience de la Vérité à vitesse accélérée et faire vos préparatifs, alors que le Grand Minimum Solaire s'intensifie et le Coronavirus, affecte gravement tout dans l'économie mondiale.


Rejoignez-nous dans cette GRANDE AVENTURE ...

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