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Yes, There is a SOLUTION!

I Remember

Who I AM

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The PURPOSE OF HUMANITY, has always been, to evolve in CONSCIOUSNESS

and remember WHO WE ARE, Infinite Love Consciousness, living this brief human experience. 


The economical, financial, political and environmental conditions on planet Earth with COVID-19, are forcing this evolution of TRUTH-CONSCIOUSNESS to SPEED UP EXPONENTIALLY.

The Coronavirus The Great Reset and the Grand Solar Minimum will manifest extreme challenges

in the world economy and food availability.



The SOLUTION involves challenging work , which must be done at the INDIVIDUAL level.

The Covid vaccine, which is the mark of the beast, will force us to make the ultimate choice between

True Freedom or complete slavery. 

I, must make the DECISION, and then take ACTION.

Further, I must not quit, no matter what happens to me.

A critical mass of INDIVIDUALS must complete the TRANSITION

 so that the TRANSFORMATION into... the New Species, can occur.

Will you join us on this AMAZING ADVENTURE?

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