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I am called Tati Ana


I graduated from the prestigious  McGill University in Montreal, Canada.

Over the years, I created a very successful practice in Ottawa, Canada. As a general dentist, I practiced all aspects of dentistry: orthodontics, endodontics, prostodontics, periodontal surgery, oral surgery and implants. 

I absolutely loved practicing dentistry. Everything in the practice of dentistry was relatively easy for me. I was capable, fast, efficient, almost always on time, and meticulous to the extreme detail. 

I believed I would practice dentistry well into my seventies, however, Life had other plans for me. 


In 2012, my profesional and family life which I believed was perfect, changed into an unexpected ADVENTURE. 


During the years of our travels all over the world, we never once thought of Colombia. After all, that is where the narcos are, right?

My husband and I thought we would retire and live in Costa Rica, but it turned out to be too expensive. After living In Costa Rica for 1.5 years, barely managing the constant extreme heat, we explored other options for a few months and ended up falling in love with a coffee farm near Popayán, Colombia.



The minute I envisioned the amazing waterfall of the property in front of my future home, I knew that this was the place for us.

It is now 2 1/2 years since our life as farmers started. 

Over time, we began to see the immense potential of our new paradise.

We renovated a house that was already there, with the idea that we could receive guests on the farm.


During this time, the professional in me resurfaced, inspiring me to get a dental chair.


While living in a foreign country, I verified which services I could offer. I then created an association with Dr. José Hurtado, whose professional skills I had personally experienced.

I came up with a very interesting offer for travelers who would like to benefit from professional, low cost dentistry in Colombia.
Thanks to my dental expertise, I will accompany and guide you in your dental project in a foreign country. I take care of the contact between the patient and the Colombian dentist, as well as the translation. I am fluent in English, French and Spanish.


With the dentist, I always discuss the treatment plan before the start of any treatment. 



On Line Evaluation
All I need, in order to do a comprehensive treatment plan with 2 or 3 options, is a good recent panoramic x-ray. A close up pictures of your smile and intra oral pictures, provide more helpful information .
Comprehensive Dental Exam


When you make the effort to travel to Colombia, you probably have in mind a big cosmetic reconstruction or a full mouth rehabilitation. After I have completed a  comprehensive exam, a consultation with me will allow us to create a treatment plan that is perfect for you.

Dental Fillings


White (composite fillings) are always charged by surfaces. The average Canadian price is $150 for a one surface filling and can easily cost $500 for a 4-5 surface tooth reconstruction. At Dr. José's clinic, the price of a one surface filling is $20 and a 4-5 surface tooth reconstruction is $80 - $100.

Cosmetic and Functional Reconstruction


Dr. José and I work together to achieve the smile you always wanted. In Dr José's office, 8 upper porcelain crowns cost $3500. The average cost in Canada for 8 porcelain crowns is  $11,000.

Full Mouth Reconstruction


A full mouth reconstruction is very specific and can be done with implants, bridges and crowns.  Canadian/American prices can be estimated at  $3500 - $4000 per rehabilitated implant.

At Dr. José's clinic the cost is $1300.

Orthodontics & Dentures


Today there is no age limit for orthodontic work. You may only need a small adjustment done by Dr. Angela in order to do further reconstructive work with bridges and crowns. Partial dentures are also used as a very good economic option. 



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Dr. José Hurtado

General / Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Tati Ana

Dentist / Treatment Coordinator

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Dr. Angela Orbes




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